SCREE: \ˈskrē\

The accu­mu­la­tion of loose stones one has to walk through on the way to the top of the mountain.

Join with us as we fol­low artists, film­mak­ers, entre­pre­neurs, design­ers, writ­ers, poets, come­di­ans, builders, and sci­en­tists through their tri­umphs, fail­ures and freak-outs on their uphill scram­ble to the top.

Get your scramble on!

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Roll Call! Brad Listi

April 28, 2012

Brad Listi is like an evil, cre­ative genius with­out the crazy hair. He may also not be par­tic­u­larly evil…or even ill-tempered. What is true is that through a potent com­bi­na­tion of tal­ent and force of will, Brad has brought forth into being a Los Ange­les Times best­selling novel called Atten­tion. Deficit. Dis­or­der., as well as the well-known online cul­ture mag­a­zine and lit­er­ary com­mu­nity, The Ner­vous Break­down. More recently, he has spun off TNB Books, an inde­pen­dent press spe­cial­iz­ing in lit­er­ary fic­tion and non­fic­tion, pub­lish­ing works by well-loved authors D.R. Haney and Lenore Zion, among oth­ers.  He is also the razor sharp host of Other Peo­ple, a twice-weekly pod­cast fea­tur­ing in-depth, inap­pro­pri­ate inter­views with today’s lead­ing authors. You can read about his strug­gle in Issue 2 and…the “cre­ative genius” part still stands.

Brad Listi’s Web Site
The Ner­vous Break­down
Other Peo­ple
TNB Books

Roll Call! Emily Callaghan

April 27, 2012

Dri­ving inno­va­tion at John­son Con­trols, a com­pany that makes a lot of com­po­nents that help the rest of us, iron­i­cally, with our dri­ving, is what keeps Emily Callaghan fully charged. As a designer she’s always look­ing for a new chal­lenge, and shares with us a 30-day project in mak­ing in Scree issue 2. Using found trash and a few min­utes each morn­ing, she cre­ated. Find out more inside.

Emily’s Blog